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feb 24 98

NEW What is AnthroFuturism?

NEW Cyberpunk From subculture to mainstream
McKenzie Wark
Philadelphia Experiment

Otaku - Genius Or Nerds?
Karl Taro Greenfeld
Wired 1.1

CyberDADA Manifesto

A Cyberpunk Manifesto
Christian As. Kirtchev

Cyberpunk As Counterculture
Steve Mizrach (aka Seeker1)

Are we all creminals? A different Cyberpunk FAQ
William Maddler

Cyberpunk Worldview

Cyberpunk from Subculture to Mainstream
McKenzie Wark

What is AnthroFuturism
Seeker 1

All About John Perry Barlow
a short bio while i'm working on a more complete article
Leary & Cyberpunk
Daniel Riche

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
J.P. Barlow

Digital Guerrilla: Guida all'uso alternativo di computer, modem e reti telematiche
BIG! 234k
Click here to DL the zip. Please look at the doc for Authors

Prodigy - complete history!

Two Heads Talking - David Byrne in conversation with Timothy Leary

An excerpt about Kevin Mitnick
from Takedown

xs4all refuses internet tap

Don't believe the hype!
William Maddler

After the deluge: cyberpunks in the '80s and '90s
Tom Maddox

A short text about what CyberPunk is... could be better anyway...
Kevin Lyons

How to be an Hacker

La dichiarazione finale dell'ICATA '89

Isaac Asimov FAQ 1/4

Isaac Asimov FAQ 2/4

Isaac Asimov FAQ 3/4

Isaac Asimov FAQ 4/4